What is Freemance?

Freemance is a directory of Cuban professionals with presence on Slyk. With Freemance you can access to their portfolios and hire their services through their virtual stores on Slyk.

Does Freemance charges for hiring?

No, Freemance only works as a directory, listing and organizing by categories the freelancers’ profiles. Freemance does not charge commissions to the contractor nor the freelancer. Payments are done through Slyk.

Does Freemance influence in the price of the services?

No, the price of the services offered by the professionals listed on Freemance is an exclusive decision of them. These may vary depending on the agreement made with the contractor.

Does Freemance withhold payments?

No, payments are made exclusively on the freelancers’ Slyk virtual store. Freemance does not have any access to that data.

Could I pay with my credit card or they just accept cryptocurrency?

Payment methods are an exclusive decision of the freelancers and it is shown on their Slyk virtual store.



Are the professionals’ profiles checked?

Yes, Freemance has checked and approved every profile on the directory list.

How many professionals can I hire?

You can hire as many professionals as you estimate for your project.


What is a Minimum Viable Slyk?

A Minimum Viable Slyk (MVS) is a Slyk with: A -30 seconds intro video, a catalog with at least one item on sell and a minimum of 30 registered users on your Slyk.

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