What is Freemance?

Freemance is a coin-powered community of independent freelancers united by a common vision and a coin ($FRE). We are play-to-learn/earn/own.

What is a Minimum Viable Freemance Slyk?

A Minimum Viable Slyk (MVS) is a Slyk with an intro video, an ecommerce catalog with a consulting item and at least one item on sale, and a minimum of 30 members who have joined

How do I join the Freemance coin-powered community?

Any freelancer in the world can be part of the Freemance Community by joining Earn $FRE by helping us grow and then redeem $FRE to purchase a freelancer ecommerce template, apply to be included in the Freemance directory, join our-coin-gated community, or purchase Freemance growth services.

How can I earn $FRE?

You can earn $FRE by helping our community grow. Share your invite link from on social media, or complete other tasks in the Earn section of

What else can I do with $FRE?

You can redeem $FRE for Freemance Growth Services to help grow your freelance business or to launch your own coin-powered community.

Does Freemance charge freelancers?

No, Freemance does not charge freelancers or their clients. Payments are done through each independent freelancer’s Slyk–freelancers keep 100% of what they earn.

Does Freemance process payments?

No, all payments from clients to Freemance freelancers are made directly via the freelancers’ Slyks. Freemance does not receive or remit funds to freelancers.

Can I pay with my credit card or only with cryptocurrency?

Each freelancer chooses their Payment Methods (how they receive payments). See their Slyk for details on each Freemancer’s preferred payment currency and payment options. Feel free to contact each freelancer if you’d like them to accept a different form of payment.

Does Freemance verify and review the freelancer profiles in its directory?

Yes, Freemance actively reviews and updates its directory to maintain the highest quality of freelancers.

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